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Try out this implementation by Our Sunday Visitor Publishing, searching across the full text of 236 ebooks. Each result has a cover image that takes the customer directly to the point of sale.


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Click on question marks to see help messages.


In standard search, try mother father.


More interesting: In advanced search, try mother father in the "all words" box and child son daughter in the "any words" box. With advanced search, the 74 result documents appear below the fold, but they are there instantly. Note the descending count of hits, ranging from 25 down to one in the 74th document. Click on "View 25 Results" for the first ebook. Note that the words are closest together at the top, and slowly separate as you progress down the list of 25 paragraphs. Click on the browser back key, this time click on "View All Results". This time different book covers show among the 198 hits. Again, watch the separation move from zero words apart to 15 words apart.


Want to stress test the system? Search for and the but. It works, quickly and correctly delivering 21,310 instances in which the three words are within 15 words of each other. (You can't do that with Google!)


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Are you a large publisher, interested in content discovery for your customers? Please e-mail Colonel John Scott, Esq. or phone 740 275-4505. The technical contact Dr. Douglas Lowry may be reached by e-mail