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St. Francis and Pope Francis: Prayer, Poverty, and Joy in Jesus
"What does a medieval Italian Catholic friar and a 21st century Argentinian pope have in common? The central belief that encountering Jesus can change your life and the world. Author, speaker, and professor, Alan Schreck, PhD, offers a fascinating look at Saint Francis and Pope Francis, and what they each have to tell us about following Jesus."
Pope Francis and the Joy of the Gospel: Rediscovering the Heart of a Disciple
"Dr. Edward Sri, theologian, author, and speaker, unpacks The Joy of the Gospel, making it accessible and actionable. In these brief reflections Sri explores those things that hold us back, how we can open ourselves to God's love, and the difference this can make to our joyful proclamation of the Gospel."
God is Always Near: Conversations with Pope Francis
"God is Always Near brings together Pope Francis' first interviews, drawing each of us into fascinating conversations that reveal his love for people and his trust in the mercy of a loving God."
Promise and Challenge
"Twelve Catholic women from diverse professional backgrounds discuss the role of women in the Church and the practical, theological, economic, and philosophical aspects of Pope Francis' call for 'a more incisive presence' of women there.
Pope Francis
"Read Pope Francis for the first and most comprehensive perspective of the man, the man he replaces as Bishop of Rome, and the global challenges Pope Francis faces in the universal church."
What Would Pope Francis Do?: Bringing the Good News to People in Need
"Taking six themes from Pope Francis' apostolic exhortation Evangelii Gaudium, author Sean Salai, S.J., examines the essence of our mission, and the movements of the heart that allow us to go boldly toward those I on the peripheries to build a better world."
Pope Francis Speaks to the United States and Cuba: Speeches, Homilies, and Interviews
"Now gathered in one volume are the 31 speeches, homilies, and interviews Pope Francis delivered in 2015 trips to Cuba and the United States. His joyful demeanor, along with his call to serve the Lord and all mankind, will help us move forward in our work for the Kingdom ."
Meeting Jesus in the Sacraments
"The Sacraments are not mere appearances, they are not rituals; they are the power of Christ; Jesus Christ is present in the Sacraments." -- Pope Francis
Love Is Our Mission: The Family Fully Alive
"We are called to acknowledge how beautiful, true and good it is to start a family, to be a family today. We are called to make known God's magnificent plan for the family as we accompany them amidst so many difficulties." - Pope Francis.
How to Defend the Faith without Raising Your Voice: Civil Responses to Catholic Hot-Button Issues
"Now revised and updated! Includes new sections on what we can learn from Pope Francis' communication, how to give a talk and be active on Twitter, and lots of new tips and principles to defend the faith without losing your cool."
Transforming Parish Communications
"Help transform Catholics into 'digital missionaries' - ready and able to take the joy and warmth of the Gospel online through social media to infrequent, inactive, or ex-Catholics around the corner or across the globe."
Through the Year with Pope Francis: Daily Reflections
Let the words of Pope Francis inspire and challenge you, push you deeper into Scripture, raise your prayer to new heights, or simply fill you with gratitude for God's personal love for you.
A Year Of Mercy with Pope Francis: Daily Reflections
A Year of Mercy with Pope Francis will draw you into God's unfailing mercy, strengthening, healing and equipping you to fulfill his plan for your life. Spend a few minutes every day with the Holy Father as you read a brief meditation by him followed by a few reflection questions designed to help you ponder and receive God's love.
Becoming a Parish of Intentional Disciples
Sherry Weddell, cofounder of the Catherine of Siena Institute, has gathered together experienced leaders and collaborators whose exceptional field-tested wisdom and enthusiasm for transforming Catholic parishes into centers of discipleship and apostolic outreach is both inspiring and practical.
Pope Francis and the Joy of Family Life: Daily Reflections
"Create an oasis of joyful love within your own family when you spend a few minutes every day in prayer with Pope Francis, discovering God's plan in which every family member feels God's love."
A Year of Grace: 365 Reflections for Caregivers
"Nationally-known speaker and author Laraine Bennett knows the highs and the lows of the caregiver's world-she juggles her own work and family life as she helps meet the needs of her talented, artistic mother now completely incapacitated by a devastating stroke.
Common Sense Catechesis: Lessons from the Past, Road Map for the Future
"In order to build for the future, you have to learn from the past. With a personal style all his own, Fr. Bob Hater considers both the future and the past in this one-of-a-kind bridge building book about catechesis in America.
Saints and Social Justice: A Guide to Changing the World
"Rediscover Catholic social teaching through the lives of the saints. Follow in their footsteps, learn from their example, and become the spark of authentic social justice in the world today."
Amoris Laetitia: On Love in the Family
In his groundbreaking work on modern family life, Amoris Laetitia: On Love in the Family, Pope Francis continues to guide and lead the Church, calling us to be a sign of mercy and encouragement for families of all shapes and sizes.
Mercy Matters: Opening Yourself to the Life-Changing Gift
"Whether dealing with adoption, sobriety, bullying, the Boston Marathon bombing, or friendship with a Jehovah's Witness, Mathew Schmalz's own life serves as the backdrop for his reflections on the complex nature of mercy' -- how we give it, and how we receive it."
Open to the Holy Spirit: Living the Gospel with Wisdom and Power
"We need to invoke the Holy Spirit constantly. It is like being plunged into the deep and not knowing what we will find." -- Pope Francis. If you have yet to tap into this well-spring of life, or if you have but want to go deeper, Open to the Holy Spirit will give you the tools to move forward.
Laudato Si': On Care for Our Common Home
In his second encyclical, Pope Francis draws all Christians into a dialogue with every person on the planet about our common home. We as human beings are united by the concern for our planet, and every living thing that dwells on it, especially the poorest and most vulnerable.
Growing in Faith: A Bible Study Guide for Catholics
"The Year of Faith: A Bible Study Guide for Catholics, has now been updated to include reflections on faith by Pope Francis."
Scripture: God's Handbook for Evangelizing Catholics
"Learn how the power of scripture can renew our lives, AND make us living witnesses of the Gospel. Inspired and influenced by Pope John Paul II, Pope Benedict XVI, and Pope Francis."
Casting Nets: Grow Your Faith by Sharing Your Faith
"Learn to 'catch' people for the Lord using THE SEVEN PILLARS OF EFFECTIVE EVANGELIZATION, tested and proven principles that allow for effective evangelization, all modeled in the life of Jesus."
You Can Share the Faith: Reaching Out One Person at a Time
"Sharing the faith doesn't have to be complicated. After all, Jesus himself just started with one person. Here are practical pointers from the author's own story and those of many others to help you share your faith joyfully, casually, confidently and with compassion."
The Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy: Pastoral Resources for Living the Jubilee
This book is one in a series of eight, promulgated by the Pontifical Council for the Promotion of the New Evangelization, which are the official catechetical resources for the Jubilee Year of Mercy (December 8, 2015 - November 20, 2016).
Catholic Prayer Book for the Separated and Divorced
Divorce and separation are painful realities for many Catholics. Now, two fellow divorced Catholics share their heartfelt original prayers, personal prayers and reflections, favorite traditional prayers of the Church, and prayers for the intercession of saints.
Celebrating Mercy: Pastoral Resources for Living the Jubilee
The ritual opening of the Holy Door of Mercy in the Basilica of St. Peter, December 8, 2015, marks the official start of the Jubilee of Mercy. From that moment, in every Catholic Church in every diocese, the faithful are called to celebrate and live the Jubilee, particularly through the liturgy.
Ways to Pray: Growing Closer to God
"Cardinal Wuerl's pastoral approach leads usinto an understanding of how to pray, types of prayers, and basic prayers that will make a difference in our lives - today and every day."
Confession: The Sacrament of Mercy Pastoral Resources for Living the Jubilee
This book is one in a series of eight, promulgated by the Pontifical Council for the Promotion of the New Evangelization, which are the official catechetical resources for the Jubilee Year of Mercy (December 8, 2015 - November 20, 2016).
Coming to Christ: Resting in His Love
How do we draw closer to Jesus? What does it mean for our lives? And what do we really find when we go to Him? Susan Conroy will show how you can find Jesus in your life every day.
The SHEPHERD Who Didn't Run: Father Stanley Rother, Martyr from Oklahoma
The moving story of a simple parish priest from Oklahoma who would not abandon his Guatamalan parish and was martyred during the Guatamalan civil war at the age of 46.
The How-To Book of Catholic Devotions: Everything You Need to Know but No One Ever Taught You, Second Edition
"The best-selling book, now updated with new content and a great new cover! This is a great resource for all Catholics, and perfect for RCIA candidates. Includes an updated examination of conscience, as well as updates on spiritual direction, Marian consecration, helpful Catholic apps, and lots more."
Healing: Bringing the Gift of God's Mercy to the World
"Through the study of Catholic tradition, the lives of the saints, and ordinary people, you'll begin to understand how the message of inward healing is also a message that we as Catholics are empowered to take outward to the world."
What Do You Really Want?: St. Ignatius Loyola and the Art of Discernment
"Every day we have decisions to make, both big and small. How do we know we're doing the right thing? We can find answers through learning the art of discernment - the wisdom that enables us to see and interpret the leading of the Holy Spirit. The great master of this art was St. Ignatius Loyola who believed that this is one of the most important skills a Christian could have.
The Catholic Almanac's Guide to the Church
"Your concise guide. From the Curia and major doctrines to contemporary saints, if it's part of the Catholic world, you'll find it here."
Exploring the Miraculous
"Explore the miraculous with 'Miracle Hunter' Michael O'Neill who takes you on an amazing tour of miracles, and answers our most burning questions: Are miracles all that important? How does the Church determine if a miracle is valid? Do saints perform miracles? What are apparitions and why do they appear? And much more. Thoroughly researched and documented.
Mercy in the Teachings of the Popes: Pastoral Resources for Living the Jubilee
This book is one in a series of eight, promulgated by the Pontifical Council for the Promotion of the New Evangelization, which are the official catechetical resources for the Jubilee Year of Mercy (December 8, 2015 - November 20, 2016).
Only Love Can Save Us: Letters, Homilies, and Talks of Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio
As Pope Francis speaks from a new and much larger pulpit, it is easy to forget not only the many challenges he faced as Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio in Buenos Aires, Argentina, but also the many events that shaped the perspective he is now sharing as pope.
Hitler, the War, and the Pope: Revised and Expanded
"In this valuable book, Professor Ronald Rychlak paints a vivid picture of the social, political, and religious background against which the papacy of Pius XII took place."
Making Sense of Saints: Fascinating Facts About Relics, Patrons, Canonization and More
"Now, everything you always wanted to know about saints - and some things you didn't know you wanted to know - all in this fun and handy book that is perfect for families, teachers, catechists and everyone hoping to grow in their faith with the help of these holy hall of famers!"
Evangelizing Catholics: A Mission Manual for the New Evangelization
"To be a Christian is to be an evangelizer. When the Catholic Church calls us to a 'New Evangelization,' that's simply a reminder us of what has always been true. The good news is: you can do it - you can evangelize - and Scott Hahn shows you how."
Little Sins Mean a Lot: Kicking Our Bad Habits Before They Kick Us
"Thirteen 'little sins' that, if left unconfessed, can have a serious impact on our spiritual lives. Through the author's honest (and sometimes funny) examination of these sins in her own life, as well as Church teaching, she gives us the tools to kick these bad habits before they kick us."
Working for a Better World
"Working for a Better World is an engrossing account of the life of Catholic Relief Services CEO Dr. Carolyn Woo, as well as the amazing story of the ongoing critical work of CRS in meeting the needs of the poor, the traumatized, and the needy throughout the world."
Patron Saints
"Authoritative and wide-ranging, informative, entertaining, and full of surprises, this book will help make the saints part of your everyday life."
For Better Forever: A Catholic Guide to Lifelong Marriage
"The book that has helped couples all over the world discover new joy, intimacy, and satisfaction in their marriages is now revised and expanded. Learn the way to achieve 'happily ever after' by integrating cutting-edge psychology with a clear articulation of the Catholic vision of love and marriage."
Mercy: A Bible Study Guide for Catholics
"With age-old love I have loved you; so I have kept my mercy toward you." Jeremiah 31:3 Fr. Pacwa leads us to a deeper understanding through the study of Israel's long, slow struggle to experience mercy, which in turn will lead us to an understanding of the importance of extending God's love and mercy to the world."
The Saints in Mercy
This book is one in a series of eight, promulgated by the Pontifical Council for the Promotion of the New Evangelization, which are the official catechetical resources for the Jubilee Year of Mercy (December 8, 2015 - November 20, 2016).
The Parables of Mercy
"This book is one in a series of eight, promulgated by the Pontifical Council for the Promotion of the New Evangelization, which are the official catechetical resources for the Jubilee Year of Mercy (December 8, 2015 - November 20, 2016).
Great Teachers
Discover the greatest teachers of the Faith as Pope Benedict XVI highlights their essential role during a time of scandal and strife in the Church.
Catholic Saints Prayer Book
"Moments of inspiration from 32 of your favorite saints: strive to imitate their virtues, learn from their timeless wisdom, and ask for their intercession."
Hispanic Ministry in Catholic Parishes: A Summary Report of Findings from the National Study of Catholic Parishes with Hispanic Ministry (2011-2013)
With 40 percent of the Catholic population in the United States claiming Hispanic roots, and the possibility that this population could triple in the next 35 years, Dr. Ospino makes clear that the vitality of our Church in the 21st century depends in large part on our embrace of this growing Hispanic presence.
The Urgency of the New Evangelization: Answering the Call
How to share the Gospel with those in your life -- both non-believers and those who are no longer practicing the Catholic faith.
Mercy in the Fathers of the Church
This book is one in a series of eight, promulgated by the Pontifical Council for the Promotion of the New Evangelization, which are the official catechetical resources for the Jubilee Year of Mercy (December 8, 2015 - November 20, 2016).
The Corporal Works of Mommy (and Daddy Too!)
"Practical suggestions, tips, and ideas for parents to practice the corporal works of mercy in the home, plus reflection questions and a prayer for God's guidance in our pursuit of the 'little way' of the family."
Day by Day for the Holy Souls in Purgatory: 365 Reflections
Every day we have another opportunity to pray for the holy souls in purgatory. Here is a powerful tool to help you accomplish that mission.
Doctors of the Church
Pope Benedict XVI explores the lives and significance of thirty-two of the Doctors of the Church like no one else can. Taken directly from the pope's addresses in his weekly audiences.
House of Hospitality
Dorothy Day's reflections-written on the fly over five hectic years-reveal not only the beginnings of the Catholic Worker Movement, but the mind of a heroic woman as she responds to the demands of faith.
Why Is Jesus in the Microwave?: Funny Stories from Catholic Classrooms
"As educators in America's Catholic classrooms, The Sisters of Notre Dame are no strangers to hilarious mix-ups, priceless mispronunciations, and innocent mistakes children can make. Now they're sharing their over 125-year treasury of funny stories and anecdotes in Why is Jesus in the Microwave? These real-life episodes will delight priest or teacher, parent or grandparent, or anyone needing to lose themselves in funny and wholesome stories."
The Saints in My Life: My Favorite Spiritual Companions
"Fr. Groeschel reveals his favorite saints and his process for befriending them so you, too, can discover saintly lives that resonate with your own."
St. Damien of Molokai: Apostle of the Exiled
"Father Damien shows the true power of one person and how, when anchored in God's love, one person can impact the world--even among the horrors of decay and slow death."
Dangers to the Faith: Recognizing Catholicism's 21st-Century Opponents
A storm has been brewing in society and its treatment, views, and activities toward the Catholic Faith. Some are subtle, others are more brazen.
New Beginning, New Hope: Words of Pope Francis Holy Week Through Pentecost
Pope Francis' homilies and audiences from Holy Week through Pentecost reflect his joy, compassion, and love for all people, which has captivated the world.
The Psalms of Mercy
This book is one in a series of eight, promulgated by the Pontifical Council for the Promotion of the New Evangelization, which are the official catechetical resources for the Jubilee Year of Mercy (December 8, 2015 - November 20, 2016).
Praying with the Saints for The + Holy + Souls in Purgatory
Susan Tassone calls on none other than the saints for support of loved ones in purgatory. Prayers help heal those on earth as well as help loved ones achieve eternal life in Heaven.
Catholic and Married: Leaning Into Love
"Real-life, often funny, stories from husbands and wives inspire and encourage you to lean into love and experience Catholic marriage the way God intended -- while still being human."
The Archbishop Wore Combat Boots
"Archbishop Hannan's incredible journey connects him with critically important people, places, and events of the 20th century."
A Century of Catholic Converts
"Through fascinating stories of well-known converts, explore the inspiration inherent in Catholicism, the role of others along the way, and how historical context influences conversions."
Strengthening Your Family: A Catholic Approach to Holiness at Home
Learn how to foster a positive atmosphere in your home as you help your family develop the skills and attitude to face any challenge.
Holy Women
Bring your faith to life with the spark of history as told by the pope himself. Gain a fuller understanding of what the Church teaches and why through the critical efforts and experiences of these holy women.
Praying the Rosary for Intercession
"Witness the power of praying the rosary for intercession. You'll broaden your understanding of the rosary, and experience strength and renewal as you reflect on scripture and the mysteries of this ancient prayer."
Catholic Bioethics and the Gift of Human Life, 2nd Edition
"What the Church teaches and why on issues of euthanasia, invitro fertilization, genetic counseling, assisted suicide, living wills, persistent vegetative state, organ transplants, and more."
The Environment
"Pope Benedict has not been shy in regards to issues of the environment. He has spoken frequently about everyone's right to food, right to water and responsible sharing. Here is an unprecedented collection of excerpts from what Pope Benedict has had to say regarding the environment, this book is a treasure trove of insights and inspiration surrounding the Church and the world in which we live."
The Questioner's Prayer
This unique aid to prayer and meditation will guide you in your relationship with God and your understanding of His plan for you in trying times.
Immigration and the Next America: Renewing the Soul of Our Nation
"Archbishop Jos. Gomez has written a personal, passionate and practical contribution to the national debate about immigration - pointing the way toward a recovery of America's highest ideals.
Praying in the Presence Of Our Lord: Prayers For Eucharistic Adoration
"Combining traditional prayers with modern ones, this compact prayer book is ideal for Perpetual Adoration, as well as private meditation and personal reflection."
The Way God Teaches: Catechesis and the Divine Pedagogy
Psychologist and master catechist Dr. Joseph provides a practical outline for structuring your own catechetical ministry based on the divine pedagogy.
Light in the Darkness: The Teachings of Father James Keller, M.M., and The Christophers
"Father Jonathan Morris, popular author and FOX news analyst brings you the core teachings of Fr. James Keller, along with his own insights, encouraging us all to be a light in the darkness."
How God Hauled Me Kicking and Screaming Into the Catholic Church
A preacher's kid at a Catholic university, Kevin Lowry settled into a 'double major in beer and billiards' soon followed by uncomfortable run-ins with pious students, failing grades, and the startling realization that some fellow students actually attended Mass the morning after a party instead of sleeping it off. Kevin Lowry's journey to Catholicism is fascinating, often funny, and demonstrates God's unfailing, patient love for all of us.
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